«Finland, our high-level healthcare system challenged by aging and social imbalances»

Speaking to TrendSanità, Kristiina Patja, professor at the University of Helsinki and head physician at the University Hospital, says: «EU should do more on sustainability and environment»

The health service of our French cousins: an excellence worth 12% of GDP (vs. our 6%)

The French health system provides coverage for all residents and is considered among the most efficient in Europe. However, the country faces significant challenges, including a shortage of healthcare workers and rising obesity rates

Estonia, also the “home” of digital healthcare grapples with personnel shortages

Interview with Heli Paluste, Head of the Health Network of the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, and Jana Holmar, Director of the Department of Health Technologies at Tallinn University of Technology

Gallina: «European health needs investments and coordination»

We cannot rest on our laurels: this is how the Director General for Health and Food Safety at the EU Commission calls on Member States to play their part

Poland grapples with waiting lists and inconsistent reimbursement system

Maria Boratyńska, lecturer in medical law and secretary of the Committee on Bioethics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, highlights how vulnerable groups in her country, including transgender people and those seeking reproductive assistance, face additional barriers

Vandenbroucke: «UE have taken charge of the problem of medicine shortages»

Interviewed by TrendSanità, the Belgian Minister of Health and Social Affairs spoke about the major challenges that the European Union has in front of it regarding healthcare: in addition to the use of data (for which an agreement was reached at mid-March), drug and personnel shortages, pharmaceutical reform and artificial intelligence